Game on folks



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7 responses to “Showtime

  1. Jen

    Lots of luck to you for everything to go smoothly. I can’t wait to hear about beefcake and cheesecake! 🙂 Go dad!!!

  2. Pie

    Ooooooh boy! Good luck to both of you (all 4!! of you!). Can’t wait for the pictures of those two chunky twins!

  3. I knew it! I’m so glad I got to have a nice long chat with Mrs. I yesterday. I’m tearing up with emotion for you guys and will be sending you all the best today. I hope it goes without a hitch and that Baby B decides to get with the program and head for the red exit sign.
    Hugs to all of you!

  4. R

    Good luck! So exciting.

  5. YEAH!!! I am sending up good thoughts for the Baby Cakes!!! Can’t wait to see how it went!

  6. Jem

    Can’t wait to see pictures of the new babies and the the happy parents’ smiling faces!

  7. Jen

    Not that you have anything better to do than to update your blog but are they here, are they here? 🙂 Hope everybody is healthy!

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